the one-two

Hello, I'm Mark Cwiakala.


I'm an award winning Executive Producer, Filmmaker and Commercial Director.
I have over 15 years of expertise in the ideation, development, and production of
original and branded content for broadcast, digital video and film.


My experience extends into all aspects of visual storytelling, from concept and
treatment writing, through production and channel placement for spaces ranging
from healthcare and food, to fashion and finance.


I co-founded the production studio Concentrated, as well as the film studio
Mutiny Motion Pictures. 
I cut my teeth designing t-shirts, then moved onto

advertising as an art and creative director, but I still have a lot of t-shirt ideas.

My latest documentary film, 'Freaks & Errors: A Rare Collection',
about the surprisingly large and eccentric world of stamp collectors, is available
for your viewing pleasure at: Freaks & Errors Film

I’m very enthusiastic about informing and entertaining people with compelling and
visually dynamic, lifestyle-driven content. Let's get together sometime, yes? | ©2020 All Rights Reserved