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the one-two

Hello, I'm Mark Cwiakala.


I'm an award winning visual storyteller with a dynamic blend of branded content and entertainment development and production experience. I've collaborated with a diverse roster of global brands and agencies. This experience has yielded an extensive portfolio of broadcast commercial and video content in the fields of healthcare, culinary, fashion, finance and many others.

In addition to client-fueled creative, I develop documentary and docu-series programming.


I co-founded the production studio Concentrated, as well as the film studio
Mutiny Motion Pictures. 
I cut my teeth designing t-shirts, then moved onto

creative media production, but I still have a lot of t-shirt ideas.

My latest documentary film, 'Freaks & Errors: A Rare Collection',
about the surprisingly large and eccentric world of stamp collectors, is available
for your viewing pleasure at: Freaks & Errors Film.

I’m very enthusiastic about informing and entertaining people with compelling and
visually dynamic, lifestyle-driven content. Let's make it happen, yes?

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